Raises public awareness regarding global environmental problems and provides solutions.


Photography is a powerful means which can be used to raise awareness on the environmental problems we are confronting. The use of photojournalistic, documentary, experimental and expressive photography can inform, inspire and encourage the audience to take action. Photography is the art form that speaks louder than words. It induces the right emotional reactions concerning what is happening to the Earth.

VILIPO photography should capture certain environmental issues which evoke frustration or annoyance about the state of the planet. Your photos may express the changes due to construction, industrialization, use of fossil fuels, deforestation, land management policies and other problems affecting our world today.

Short Movie

Short films, videos and changing imagery has been used for many years to send the right message to the public on environmental issues.
VILIPO short films is looking for animated, live action or documentary films up to 6 minutes long. The purpose is to motivate, inform and encourage people to take a stand on any local or global environmental problem that you choose to depict.

Poster Design

Posters have been used for centuries to inform and raise awareness on certain social and political issues.

VILIPO is concerned with sending the right message to the public on local or global environmental problems, such as air and water pollution, waste management and global warming itself

Your poster should address a crucial issue on the environment so that the people may learn and do something about the problem at hand. In essence, your poster should endeavour to create behavioral change that will cause a ripple effect in today’s world.


Art projects (except Short Film) can be prepared and submitted by only one student. Short Film projects can be prepared and submitted by two students.

• You will be required to submit your artwork as part of the application process (submitted by uploading a document within the application system) and a one-page artist statement. All projects, including affiliated fair winners, must submit their artwork.

Poster art projects must submit their artwork in JPEG, JPG or PDF format with a file size under 5 MB.  
Photography projects must submit their artwork in JPEG or JPG format with a file size under 5 MB.

• Application: Short film projects have to upload their movie on YouTube with following title: “VILIPO 2020: Your own title text”. The YouTube link must be submitted during the application process within MEDIA LINK.

• All imagery must be your own work.

• File names must be in English characters.

Short films should be 2-6 minutes in length, and animated, live action, or documentary in style. Short Films which are non-English must include English Subtitles.

Printed artwork (for poster art and photography projects) must be in given size at the VILIPO. VILIPO will provide a black foam board for all artwork display. Size will be announced on webpage under rules for Art an Creative Writing

Short Film projects will be judged in a classroom on a large screen. You must bring your movie on a flash drive. It is advised for you to bring your movie in multiple formats, such as Windows Media Player, Flv, or mp4.

• Students are allowed to make improvements on their projects between application and fair presentation.

• Students are allowed a maximum of 1-2 minutes of statement regarding their artwork.

• Read Finalist guide under rules for more information.

VILIPO Art – Judging Criteria

1. Creativity
2. Composition
3. Expression of meaning
4. Expression of emotion
5. Relevance
6. Quality
7. Overall impression

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