Permission/Agreement Concerning Media

Participation in VILIPO means that you accept the following rules and conditions.

I give my permission for my child/myself to be filmed/photographed/interviewed by
the media and/or the organizer during VILIPO and for them to use the photograph,
work, voice for promotional and educational purposes, such as in publications, posters, posts, brochures, newsletters and others.

I have read and understood the official Code of Conduct of VILIPO (available on
webpage) and agree to abide by the rules contained therein. I understand that a
violation of any rule will result in my project’s immediate disqualification and removal
of eligibility for all awards. I shall indemnify, defend and hold VILIPO and organizers of VILIPO not responsible for any negligence in any case of illness, incidences or any form of harassment anywhere programs or events of VILIPO take place including but not limited to the Center of Physical Sciences and Technology.



Participation in the activities of VILIPO offers many perks and privileges. At the same
time finalists, adult supervisors, and guests are expected to fulfill certain
responsibilities and obligations, including complying with this Code of Conduct of


In this policy “VILIPO” will mean “Vinius International Project Olympiad”, “finalist” will
refer to any young person who has been chosen to participate in VILIPO along with any
“adult” authorized to accompany the finalist.


3.1 VILIPO will provide an environment in which all individuals are treated with
respect. VILIPO does not discriminate based on gender, age, national origin, ethnicity,
religion, economic status, disability, political belief, sexual orientation/identification,
academic, artistic, or athletic ability.


3.2 Participants in VILIPO’s programs and activities will conduct themselves in a
manner consistent with this Code of Conduct of VILIPO. VILIPO reserves the right to
disqualify any participant of VILIPO from any or all activities, who is deemed in
violation of any section of the VILIPO Code of Conduct


3.3 All persons involved in VILIPO will:

a) respect and encourage the dignity and self-esteem of participants in VILIPO events;
b) demonstrate respect for individuals regardless of gender, ethnic or racial origin,
sexual identification, age, marital status, religion, political belief, disability or economic
c) direct comments and/or criticism appropriately to avoid public criticism of, but not
limited to, finalists, judges, delegates, committee members, volunteers, adult
supervisors, guests, staff and members of VILIPO;
d) demonstrate ethical conduct and practices.
e) abstain from tobacco, alcohol, and the non-medical use of drugs;

f) refrain from any behavior that constitutes harassment, where harassment is defined
as comment or conduct, directed towards an individual or group, which is offensive,
abusive, racist, sexist, degrading or malicious;
f) make sure to maintain appropriate attire (see VILIPO dress code) in all programs and
events of VILIPO.
h) comply at all times with all policies, rules and regulations of VILIPO


3.4 All adults at VILIPO events will:

a) abstain from the use of alcohol and tobacco at all events;
c) ensure that expectations for finalists’ behavior and conduct are made clear to the
finalists in their charge;
d) provide supervision for the finalists in their charge in a manner that fulfills what a
judicious parent would expect (in loco parentis). While adults are not expected to be
physically present with their finalists 24 hours a day, finalists should have open lines of
connection/communication to their adult supervisor at all times;
e) provide supervision and or assistance to other finalists at VILIPO events when the
need arises or if help is requested by a finalist or another delegate;
f) communicate and cooperate with the parents/guardians of finalists and ensure that
parents/guardians are aware of the expectations for their children at the VILIPO event
and the range of consequences for misbehavior by a finalist.
g) Understand the consequences of serious misbehavior as described in this code of
conduct of VILIPO.


3.5 Finalists will:

a) support and cooperate with every member of their Regional or National Team.
b) adhere to the expectations set out in writing for them by their Regional Delegate or
c) participate in all activities, tours and events that are part of VILIPO;
d) be punctual at all VILIPO activities and events;
e) attend and remain in the their presentation/display area at all times during the
judging event and during the rest of the time VILIPO is open to the public;
f) ensure that their delegate or adult supervisor knows at all times where they are and
with whom; ;
g) obtain their delegate or adult supervisor’s explicit permission before leaving the
group; ;
h) respect all curfews explained to them by their delegate or chaperone;
i) be well rested.
j) understand the consequences of serious misbehavior as described in this code of
conduct of VILIPO.


3.6 Finalists will not:

a) engage in any activity that will harm the moral reputation of VILIPO or any of its
sponsored events.
b) buy, possess, consume or distribute alcohol or illegal substances and materials
(including drugs).

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