How to prepare: Tips and suggestions

1) Think of a project you would like to do that interests you and that is appropriate for your age.
Discuss your idea with your mentor or supervisor.
Start a diary to take notes on your research in order to record your data, to plan your timeline and to record important stages of your project.

2) Do the necessary amount of research to support your project and all your findings. Make sure to record all your sources, such as articles, videos, books etc. in your dairy.

3) Make sure you stay on schedule by keeping to your own timeline. Record each stage, such as the research stage, the construction stage, the testing stage, the result stage and drawing your conclusion.
For more detailed information see the following links: 

>>> www.wikihow.com <<<

>>> www.nasa.gov <<<

Requirements: Report Book and Abstract

1) The project itself must have a detailed report book (15-30 pages), which will include a background/history of when scientists started doing research and experiments to solve the problem. Give a short synopsis of the development of this issue up to the present time. How can your project contribute to a solution of the problem?

2) Your record book should explain the goal of the project. Be as clear as possible. You are free to choose the manner in which you explain your goals. Make sure you include the purpose on a technical and solution oriented level.

3) Your report should explain and illustrate the stages of your project. Include important information about the building of the project and how it relates to the development of your main idea. Use photos and brief statements to do this.

4) Your conclusion should state your findings towards the solution to the problem. What does your project prove and how does it contribute to existing solutions. How will it help humans to live in a safer and healthier environment? Finally, will it make it worthwhile for people to do so?

5) A one page abstract is required together with your report book. It should explain your purpose for doing this project and what its goals are. You may write about your reflections on the problem and how your project could make a difference.

Project registration begins December 1, 2020 and ends March 1, 2021 Eastern European Time, UTC +2. When you register you must upload your completed report book and abstract and fill in the registration form. The finalists will be announced on March 15, 2021.
If your project is chosen, you must confirm your participation by completing registration information for the finalists by April 10, 2021.

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