Energy projects should aim to find practical solutions to the world’s energy problems and should seek technology that can be used for maintaining global sustainability.

The field of energy and resources has to do with the Earth’s energy sources, how we use them for the benefit of human kind and how we can use them more efficiently. Sources such as water, minerals, wood, coal, wind, sun etc. can produce energy, but we must strive to increase their utility without impacting the environment. Vilipo Energy is looking for new ideas which seek win–win solutions to problems related to the efficient and responsible use of non-renewable natural resources in energy and goods’ production.

Your project could make the move from non-renewable to renewable (sustainable) sources. In other words, we seek projects that use the Earth’s resources in a way that keeps our environment healthy and does not contribute to global warming.


• Renewable Energy
• Bio-Energy
• Non-Renewable Energy Advancements
• Energy Policies
• Clean Energy Technology
• Energy Efficiency
• Energy Conservation


• A project can be prepared and submitted by one or two participants at most.

• A Report book and Abstract are required for completing applications. All projects, including affiliated fair winners, must submit a full report book and abstract.

• Both the report book and abstract should include: title, student names, school, city and country. See more information in the “Requirements: Report Book and Abstract” section.

• Both the report book and abstract will be uploaded into an online application. The acceptable file format for abstract and for report book is PDF, not exceeding 15 MB in file size. The recommended page limit for the report book is 20, with an acceptable font size of 12 for Times New Roman or Calibri font type and page margins 2 cm from each side.

• In the application all information must be in English characters.

• You have to bring your own poster board/presentation. The size must be 80 cm (W) x 120 cm (H).

• You are allowed to bring models or prototypes as part of your presentation which is HIGHLY recommended.


• VILIPO will provide foam boards for the posters.

• Participants can come to the competition with pre-printed materials to prepare their posters or with already completed posters.

• Students are allowed to make improvements on their projects between application and fair presentation.

• The poster should include at least the following sections: introduction, purpose, materials and methods, results and analysis of the data, conclusion, and references.

• Some of the table are equipped with electricity providing 220 V outlet. Make sure to specify this necessity on the application.

• Students are advised (not required) to bring multiple copies of their report book to distribute to curious viewers.

• Read Finalist guide under rules for more information.

• The following items will not be allowed to display: microbial cultures or fungi (live or dead); displays of live animals, preserved vertebrate animals, whether in whole or part (this includes humans); open or concealed flames, matches, or lighters; hazardous chemicals; highly combustible solids, fluids, or gases; sharp items (syringes, needles, knives); controlled substances; and radioactive materials.

• Any projects which include human subjects must follow standard procedures. Human subjects involved in a project (including survey research), must fully consent and be informed of any risks.

VILIPO Energy – Judging Criteria

1. Creativity/Originality/ Innovation
2. Poster Organization and Content
3. Review of Literature
4. Presentation of relevant data
5. Scientific Method
6. Research Skills and Effort
7. Solution (Innovation)
8. Understanding the Project
9. Overall Oral and visible Presentation

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