VILIPO aspires to rekindle environmental awareness in the minds of every young person. Our participants are young promoters who act on change all over the world. We aim to bring the minds of the young together for a meaningful event, where participants will encourage and motivate each other to make invaluable contributions to our society and the human race.

VILIPO is an exciting and stimulating international competition for students aged 12-19. Our mission is to foster a global understanding of environmental issues and to make advances in sustainability through basic science, arts, technology and engineering.


VILIPO’s vision is to bring out the best in each student and to motivate them to achieve their potential, and to see themselves as future leaders, scientists, artists, writers, engineers and law makers who will promote and contribute to greater environmental sustainability throughout time.


VILIPO is not only a world-wide platform to launch our innovators’ inventions; it also aims to assure that they can cherish their memories of this life-changing experience.

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